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    Sales Engagement and Marketing Automation. Streamlined.

    Club OS is the software you need to turn prospects into members and members into advocates.

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    Growing your fitness business starts here.

    Lead Acquisition

    Lead Acquisition

    All of your leads hosted in one place to ensure no lead falls through the cracks.

    Automated Followups

    Automated Follow-Ups

    Custom follow-up schedules made specifically for your business.



    Set appointment dates, personal training sessions, and track employee availability all within one system.

    Text Messaging

    Text Messaging

    Send appointment reminders, specials, and more by simply texting your prospect or member.

    Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Grow your business and increase your retention rates with an in-house email marketing platform.



    Know exactly where your business stands every single day with in-depth reporting and KPI’s.

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    We know a thing or two (thousand) about helping gyms & studios.

    Orangetheory Fitness

    “Easy to use, easy to contact leads, the software is user friendly as well. I enjoy being able to text and email from the software versus using other devices. Overall makes things organized and easy to find.”

    -Cassie Begin, Orangetheory Fitness

    Anytime Fitness

    “Club OS keeps us organized and on top of our followups! We are able to maintain a schedule and keep members on track. It is great to see the membership journey from lead-appointment-member.”

    -Becky Ferris, Anytime Fitness Harbour View

    Retro Fitness

    "The ability to track a customer [with Club OS] from when they enter as a lead through their entire member lifecycle allows us to provide them with a more enriched experience at Retro Fitness."

    -Jennifer Gillon, Retro Fitness Vice President of Marketing

    Charter Fitness

    “The biggest increase has been in follow-ups. We are now seeing 75,000-100,000 contacts per month. Prior to Club OS, we were only able to track a small fraction of this.”

    -Dan Collins, Charter Fitness

    Gold's Gym

    “Helps me track my potentials and current members 100% better than ever before, and the ease of use makes everything so much easier.”

    -Justin Bailey, Gold’s Gym

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